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Energy is looking at an uncertain and rapidly changing future.  As well as developing our Future Energy Scenarios (FES) to set out robust and well-informed energy futures, we are providing our views and opinions on emerging and hot topics, and key changes to the energy industry, through a series of Thought Pieces which you can find below.

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Off Grid? Can I run my house without using electricity from the grid? (May 2017)

This is the first in a series of Thought Pieces which aims to stimulate discussion on going off grid. We will explore what going Off Grid really means and the challenges and opportunities we would face.

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Forecourt thoughts: Mass fast charging of electric vehicles (April 2017)

This is the first in a series of Thought Pieces which aims to stimulate discussion on electric vehicles (EV) and how their adoption may influence the evolution of the electricity system.  There are  many different potential solutions to a world where EVs are common.  In this piece we discuss the concept of establish a network of recharging stations as a means to overcome some of the issues that would be associated with residential charging.

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District heating (March 2017)

Find out more about how heat could be transported more efficiently to local networks of buildings and how this could offer a possible solution to the decarbonisation challenge.

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Our previous Thought Pieces:

  • The future of electricity operation in European regions (February 2017) - We look at the changing face of Great Britain's electricity system, and the development towards European regional markets. We also outline the opportunities and challenges for consumers. Read here