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FES2017 was launched on 13 July 2017. We corrected a publishing error in Figure 4.4 on page 58 of the FES 2017 document on 18th July 2017. 

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Morning presentation live streaming:

Presentation slides:

Afternoon breakout session presentations:


1. Overview of the Stakeholder Feedback Document for 2018 (20th March)

2. Overview of FES 2017 (17th July)

3. Overview of FES 2017 Sensitivities (24th July)

4. Overview of FES 2017 Energy Demand (25th July)

5. Overview of FES 2017 Gas Supply (26th July)

6. Overview of FES 2017 Electricity Supply (26th July)

Stakeholder engagement workshops were held in October 2017. To see the presentations that were used for the four events, click on the links below:


Webinar presentations can be found here