Future Energy Scenarios

FES publication is just one of a suite of documents we produce as part of our FES process. 

To download any of the 2019 FES copies, click on the links.

The FES document provides an overview of key areas and alongside this we also publish:

FES in 5, which is a summary document with key headlines and statistics from FES;

Scenario Framework document which details all the assumptions that are used as inputs into our models; 

Data Workbook which contains the outputs from the numerous models, including detailed tables, graphs and charts, beyond those included in the main document:

A list of key statistics in FES2019  which includes a five year forecast of gas and electricity demand. 

Modelling Methods document which contains information on our modelling methodology and assumptions; and

Questions and Answers (published in August) includes all of the questions asked and answered as part of our conference and presentations.

Regional breakdown of FES data

Our Future Energy Scenarios are intended to identify a range of credible scenarios across gas and electricity on a GB-wide basis. In order to support planning of the GB electricity transmission system, we split the GB-level data down into regional data sets using best available data. These data sets are published in November as part of the Electricity Ten Year Statement (ETYS).

In order to provide visibility and transparency of this work, below we have published a spreadsheet containing draft regional data for electricity in the four FES 2019 scenarios. We have also published the number of heat pumps and domestic electric vehicles per grid supply point in the four FES2019 scenarios. This data forms a starting point for our network analysis and should be considered draft at this stage as it may be modified for planning purposes in the subsequent processes.

To assist with understanding of the spreadsheets, we have also published the corresponding Spatial Methodology Document below:

Should you have any queries or comments on how we apply this regional split, please contact us at:

Previous FES

Click here to view all past FES documents.

More future of energy documents

To demonstrate how we engage with stakeholders about the FES, the feedback we receive and how this is used in the development of our scenarios, we publish our stakeholder feedback document every year.

In addition to long term scenarios, National Grid also publishes Winter Outlooks and Summer Outlooks; short term forecasts of anticipated demand and supply for both gas and electricity.

Additionally, the Electricity Ten Year Statements and Gas Ten Year Statements illustrate potential future developments to the transmission systems, and the System Operability Framework provides a view on how the changing energy landscape impacts future system operability.


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