Our goal is for everyone who has an interest in the UK’s energy future to engage with us so that we can develop the most rich, robust and plausible range of scenarios possible.

Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder engagement and the feedback that we gather from our stakeholders’ plays a vital role in shaping the Future Energy Scenarios (FES). Engaging with stakeholders from right across the energy sector and beyond helps us to plot a range of rich, robust and credible scenarios. During 2017 we engaged with more than 650 stakeholders from the UK and abroad. In total, 430 organisations took part in our engagement activities, up from 391 in 2016.

Each year we publish our Stakeholder Feedback Document. It sets out our approach to the coming year’s scenarios; how we have engaged with stakeholders and the insights we’ve gathered and taken forward.  

Our 2018 Stakeholder Feedback Document can be found here

On 20th March 2018, we held a webinar to provide an overview of the key points from the Stakeholder Feedback Document. Click here to listen to what was shared and here for a copy of the presentation slides.

FES and engagement cycle

During 2017, stakeholders told us that they would like to have more information about when they have the opportunity to contribute FES.  The diagram below shows the main stages in the FES process and engagement points during the year, in addition to the continual engagement with stakeholders through industry events, our newsletter, Thought Pieces, surveys, email and other means.



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