2018 Future Energy Scenarios costing webinar

On 26th March 2019, we hosted the FES costing webinar to talk through our approach and findings from 2018. Click on the links to view the presentation slides and the speaker notes. To listen to the question and answer session recording, click here.

Stakeholder Engagements for FES 2019

Our stakeholder engagement during the autumn marks the start of the development of our 2019 scenarios. This year, we have evolved the way we engage with our stakeholders with the launch of the Call for Evidence, followed by our stakeholder workshops and other themed events in October and November.

Call for Evidence for Future Energy Scenarios (FES) 2019

We are always looking for ways to adapt how we engage to meet the needs of our stakeholders and to make sure everyone has an opportunity to share their insights with us. Throughout September, we ran a Call for Evidence as a start to our work for FES 2019. We wanted to provide ample opportunity for our growing stakeholder base to engage with us and to help us develop next year’s scenarios. In this Call for Evidence we explored a range of energy demand and supply issues and invited comments on these. You can see a summary of the responses and questions below. Please note that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the responses belong to those that completed the Call for Evidence and do not necessarily reflect those of National Grid. We will take all the comments into account when developing FES 2019.

  • In total, we received 70 responses to the Call for Evidence

  • An initial summary of the responses to the Call for Evidence can be found here

  • Click here to see the responses from the stakeholders who gave us permission to share them

  • For the full list of questions we asked, click here 

 Stakeholder Engagement Workshops

Our generic stakeholder workshops this year were held on 18 October in Warwick and 25 October in London. Both events were well attended by a wide spectrum of stakeholders from across the energy industry and beyond who gave us valuable feedback on key themes for FES 2019 and on issues emerging from the Call for Evidence.

  • To view the morning presentation from the events, which includes a high-level overview of the Call for Evidence and an update about the changing role of the System Operator, click here 

Themed workshops

On Thursday 11th October, we co-organised a themed workshop with stakeholders from a broad range of sectors to discuss the Future of Electric Vehicles.  Read a summary of the outputs of the event here 

The Future of Heat workshop was held on 20 November and was attend by a wide representation from the heating and power industry. Click here for the presentation and here for the summary of the outputs.

Next steps ...

We will continue reviewing all the comments and feedback and a final summary of this information will be shared in the Stakeholder Feedback Document in early 2019. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or would like to share any evidence or comments that could help us for FES 2019, please email the team: