Future Energy Scenarios (FES) 
provide transparent, holistic 
paths through future, uncertain 
energy landscapes.

FES 2019: 

Our autumn engagement for the development of FES 2019 is underway. For more information, see the Engagement page

FES 2018:

You can find all the FES 2018 documents here and for more information about the FES launch, presentations and recordings, see the Conference page

About FES

Energy has become front page news; the future of energy for the UK has never been so important. Electricity Market Reform (EMR), environmental legislation, energy costs and developments in the economy will all have a major impact on the future energy landscape.

No one can be certain how the energy future will evolve and this uncertainty may continue for decades. Our Future Energy Scenarios (FES) represent transparent, holistic paths through the uncertain energy landscape to help Government, our customers and other stakeholders make informed decisions. These scenarios are not forecasts, instead they show a range of plausible and credible pathways for the future of energy, from today out to 2050.

We continually develop all aspects of our Future Energy Scenarios process ensuring that the outputs are as rich and robust as possible to provide a sound reference point for a range of modelling activities. This includes extensive stakeholder consultation and detailed network analysis, which enables National Grid to identify strategic gas and electricity network investment requirements for the future.

To address current issues, our scenarios are based on the energy trilemma of security of supply, affordability and sustainability. The Government has set a standard for electricity security of supply and through Electricity Market Reform put in place the framework to deliver to this standard. Our scenarios flex the two variables of prosperity and green ambition.